Utah Valley Marathon: Race Report 2016

Ran the Utah Valley Marathon on June 11, 2016.

My Utah Valley Marathon data on TrainingPeaks.

Finished 12 minutes slower than my last race.

//// What happened? ////

I popped a caffeine pill before the gun and that single action derailed my day and 3 months of training. Miles 1-12 were solid, and then the effects of dehydration set in.

Basic wisdom: “No new nutrition tricks on race day.”

I’ve never taken caffeine pills in my life.

In that moment of being speed greedy, I didn’t account for needing an extra bottle of water to counteract the drug’s diuretic effect. Now I have a good story to back up the wisdom.

All training and racing is a process … no matter the outcome yesterday, #PoundTheRock continues as I improve my run in pursuit of a sub-3:00 finish and qualifying for the Boston Marathon.

Pre-Race Layout

Hidden: the two caffeine pills in my shorts pocket that derailed my race.

PS One of the greatest little gifts from sponsors are those balls in my shoes. Odor snatchers. Check em out … bit.ly/snkrbls


Always good to run with a friend for a bit. Taylor (she’s a singer/songwriter based in LA) and I ran a chunk of the first 5 or 10k together. I took off … and not long after I tanked around mile 14 she flew by and went on for a great finish of 3:28:25, taking 3rd in her division.


Dehydration cramps set in well by this point. My constant goal was make it to the next aid station for water and Gatorade.


How to deal with cramps … walk (blue dips). Cramp, walk, drink, recover, run, repeat.


By mile 23 … still a mess and drinking lots of water to get normal.

Mad props to Vanessa who’s been my sherpa on the past 2 marathons. Nothing like having a 100% reliable friend offering support on race weekends. Thank you Cousin V!!!


Despair & Relief


Lessons learned. Time to recover and prep for next time. Process Produces Progress.


Like I say … #PoundTheRock.


Utah Valley Marathon - 2016 Race Report - Finisher Certificate

Utah Valley Marathon 2016 Race Results: bit.ly/uvm16nat


Utah Valley Marathon - 2016 Race Report - Strava Splits 1 Utah Valley Marathon - 2016 Race Report - Strava Splits 2



Utah Valley Marathon 2016 by the Numbers

Miles: 26.2

Elevation Gain: 1,111′ <–WUT. I THAWT IT WAS ALL DOWNHILL

Elevation Drop: 2,817′

Calorie Burn: 3,700 (est.)

Final Time: 3:40:52

20th in Division

195th of 955 Overall

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[Data] My Utah Valley Marathon Data on TrainingPeaks: tpks.ws/hebUE

[Data] My Utah Valley Marathon Data on Strava: bit.ly/uvm16

[Data] My Utah Valley Marathon Race Results: bit.ly/uvm16nat



#TeamTriggerPoint // Grateful to represent TriggerPoint, for their support and the camaraderie of my team, and especially for TP’s products. From rolling with their gear (and eating and resting right), I could walk fine that night, went for a hike the next morning, and feel great.

Ran on Newton Running Distance Vs which took something to get used to, but which I now very much like; with Sof Sole inserts that are a super step up from the stock inserts, and the most comfortable socks I’ve ever put on from Balega.

Not shown, but I plan and analyze everything primarily with TrainingPeaks. Big fan of the platform, appreciate their continuous improvement of it. It’s what I have all my clients use #ResultsStartHere

AND … super awesome props to Utah Valley Marathon crew for working out a deal with the race photographer to provide digital downloads for FREE. Many thanks.

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