(draft) A Seemingly Innocuous Argument for HRC as President that’s Actually REALLY Unhealthy

“But think of what it would mean for all the little girls in the United States and the world to see a woman in the White House . . .”

. . .  said a pro-HRC friend.

I’ve heard stuff like this before.

The token victor who then “opens the doors” for everyone else of the same demographic to feel able and capable and worthy.


It’s a totally unhealthy framework to come from.

The healthiest place for a person to affirm his or her identity is from Self.

In fact, it’s UNHEALTHY to affirm value, capability, identity, worth, possibility, in the actions of another.

Little girls don’t NEED a woman in The White House to say, “as a girl, I can do whatever I want.”

That’s unhealthy.

To place stock of one’s ability in the accomplishments of another.

If a young girl did that . . . built a chunk of her identity as a WOMAN/FEMALE on HRC being president . . .

What if HRC does a horrible job?

What if HRC gets assassinated?

What if HRC gets impeached?

What if she loses in re-election?

What if ANY un-stellar thing happens?

Then all the girls with their identities wrapped up in HRC, a female, being president, could have their futures shattered … “ah, I wanted to be president, but look how it turned out for HRC, a woman . . .”

Or whatever.

There are 100 ways to spin this.

Bottom line:

The ONLY healthy place from which to assert and affirm one’s value and identity is from the Self, and connected with that for those of us who credit existence to a supreme creator and more specific believe we are created in His image . . .

“I have worth because I say so(, that I am a child of God who believes in me and loves me fully, always). I can do good and make a difference because I can and do choose to do that(, with the gift of agency He’s granted unto me and with the power and support He lends to me every day).”

You think this girl needs to see a woman in the White House to become president?


With self-affirmed value like this, she’ll get there all on her if she so chooses to commit herself to that endeavor.

It is a MISTAKE to say, “Oh, but an upside of having a token first-timer of a new demography in this visible position is GOOD because think of the message that sends to everyone of that demographic . . .”


Think about the ILL already existing in our society if YOU believe that people NEED to see “someone like them” doing something good in order for them to grant themselves permission to go for it.

EVERYONE has value.

EVERYONE is better off believing that and affirming their value on their own, rather than locating it or “finding” it in someone else’s accomplishments.

YOUR value is NOT contingent on ANYONE ELSE’s choices.

If you can see this is true for you . . .

Then indeed I believe you can see it’s true for EVERYONE else too.

# # #

Btw, this is the case for ALL combinations of demographics and roles/positions/accomplishments.

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Vote 3rd Party in 2016: I’m In



In 2016 I’ll vote 3rd party: Gary Johnson and Bill Weld.

If the video doesn’t load, view it here.


I keep my political posts super spare. I hate the horserace.

I allow myself one post per 6 months. This is my one political post for the 6-month period ending May 2016 … so I get one more before the election.

Hillary and Bill are Frank and Claire Underwood incarnate … sketchy use of private email systems for govt use … uranium deals with Russians and unbooked donations … unclear personal loyalty to each other & their marriage … I don’t need details. That’s enough.

And Donald … well … I loved The Apprentice (but now Marcus Lemonis on The Profit is 10,000x) and I think he is playing us all very smartly at a game he wants to win and is willing to win at all costs (including all moral costs), but I say the shrewd business sense he does have is better suited to the private world of real estate ventures where the stakes are his own (or his private investors’) and not the public trust. I wouldn’t mind having him negotiate on our behalf in some matters, but I haven’t seen him model the temperament to lead a massive staff of people who must all get along in order for any good to get done.

So yeah, vote 3rd party for two successful former governors … all the way to The White House.

Vote 3rd Party - Johnson and Weld

Btw, as much as I’d love for Mitt to be our Chief Executive, he just hasn’t been “politician enough” to earn the mass likability that appears necessary to win a national presidential election … and at this point I don’t want him to be. His morality is one of his best continuing contributions.

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